The entire history of a visitor's experience

See a complete record of interactions with your site using Lucky Orange Visitor Profiles.

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Inside Visitor Profiles

Visitors' table

Search for visitors by name, saved segment, date range or a variety of other criteria

Chat logs

Track every conversation with your support team (within your data storage window)

Filter visits

Filter to a specific visit based on things like a conversion, pages visited or geographic location

Take notes

Add internal-only notes for your team—speeding up the customer support process

Share, block, delete

Take action with visitors causing issues or share profiles with a teammate for customer support

Saved segments

See valuable visitors in pre-built Optimizable Segments or create your own using custom filters

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How can my business use Visitor Profiles?

Study behavior trends

Find examples of visitors who follow a trend you see in Dynamic Heatmaps

Customer service

Before contacting concerned customers, view previous chat logs and site visits

Track key prospects

Add stars to key visitors for you and your team to reference later

Add customer data

As you learn more about a visitor, add items like their email or phone number

See the whole picture

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Session Recordings

Watch a replay of a specific visitor's time on your website

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Live Chat

Build long-lasting relationships through collaborative communication

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Conversion Funnels

See which pages cause visitors to leave your website the most

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