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Find out why people are abandoning your forms using Lucky Orange Form Analytics.

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Identify problem areas with six unique reports


Spot the field visitors are working on before abandoning the form entirely

Time to start

Track how long a visitor is on a page before starting to fill out the form

Field time

Compare field completion times to judge difficulty and improve field order

Average order

Understand the order people complete forms to inform testing ideas

Repeated fields

Identify fields visitors complete more than once to spot signs of a struggle

Top forms

Find the forms and fields getting the most activity across your entire website

Build forms that convert.

Optimize every part of your website's forms

Difficult fields

Spot fields that people repeat or take longer than average to complete and remove them or split into two steps

Form visibility

Adjust content around a form to reduce the time to start and make your form the main attraction of a page

Saved segments

Create and save an audience segment to see how they're engaging with your most important forms

Placeholder text

Modify placeholder text to help explain more difficult fields like revenue, business type or address

See the whole picture

Use Lucky Orange's tools together to master every step of the customer journey

Dynamic Heatmaps

See on-page behavior trends including top-clicked elements and average scroll depth

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Dive deeper into trends you see in the dashboard by watching full session recordings from a specific segment

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Visitor Profiles

See every interaction someone has with your website over time including forms completed and pages visited

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