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Funnel behavior

Analyze visitor movement from one funnel step to another, including drop-off

Event completions

Track people completing a specific event like signing up or clicking an element

Traffic source analysis

See which traffic sources are performing well and which may need your attention

Chat ratings

Follow trends in chat activity and ratings to easily manage operator performance

Survey results

Visualize survey response data with a quick link to the related survey

Live visitor snapshot

See how many visitors are currently on your site and which are new vs. returning

Top pages

Dive into Dynamic Heatmaps for the pages your visitors are viewing the most

Date ranges

Compare data from different time periods to spot and analyze behavior trends

Email Reports

Get a daily or weekly overview of data trends, key conversion metrics and custom events

See the whole picture

Use Lucky Orange's analytics tools together to master every step of the customer journey

Dynamic Heatmaps

See on-page behavior trends including top-clicked elements and average scroll depth

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Session Recordings

Watch a full replay of a specific visitors time on your site including every action they take with forms and menus

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Visitor Profiles

View every interaction someone has with your website over time including forms completed and pages visited

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