Conversion Funnel analysis made easy

Spot areas where you're losing visitors throughout their journey on your site

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Understand your funnel's key metrics

Completion rate

Study the percentage of visitors who start your conversion funnel but leave before finishing

Largest drop-off

See which page causes the most visitors to leave from one step to the next

Top day

Track which day of the week sees the most visitors completing a funnel

Compare date ranges

Follow how changes you've made to your site impact conversion funnel performance

Time to complete

Determine whether visitors are staying on your site long enough to complete the funnel

Funnels to your inbox

Get daily or weekly Email Reports including key conversion funnels metrics

See what's really happening in your marketing funnel.

Conversion funnel optimization for any industry


  • Keep site visitors heading towards making a purchase by spotting pages or elements causing cart or site abandonment

Lead generation

  • Follow new prospects through the education and conversion process to better understand how you can set salespeople up for success


  • Track new student progress through onboarding by seeing which pages they visit and if they complete registration forms

See the whole picture

Make your funnel conversion analysis even more powerful by pairing it with our other tools

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Session Recordings

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