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Inside the tool:
Lucky Orange Chat

Saved replies

Answer common questions with a saved response located in an easy dropdown list

Chat team rating

Use a post-chat survey to gauge the customer's satisfaction level with their experience

CSV transcripts

After archiving a chat, automatically deliver a chat transcript to an email address

Auto away

If you're away for a specific duration, automatically update your chat status to "away"

Branded chat

Customize the chat window to match your brand's standard colors and page location

Office hours

Let people know when you'll be active online each day to set response expectations

Live view + live chat

Use Live View while chatting to see what customers see to give the best possible real-time support. Here's how it works:

  • Engage with a visitor proactively or with an autoinvite using Lucky Orange Chat

  • Open Live View to see the page they're on and what might be causing the issue

  • Walk them through your store, conversion process or signup forms to provide an immediate solution

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A chat tool that works—no matter how many team members you have


Use saved replies and Visitor Profiles to handle chat conversations with ease

Growing businesses

Easily hand off chats between team members or pull in a manager


Connect clients with a powerful chat tool that provides immediate value


Use chat team ratings to keep an eye on team-wide trends and successes

See the whole picture

Use Lucky Orange's communication tools together to build long-lasting customer relationships.


Get the word out on your latest promotion or product update

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Ask people about their experience with your website or services

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Visitor Profiles

See what people do on your website before and after a chat conversation

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